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About Fairhaven
The Town of Fairhaven was founded in 1812 and is located in the Bristol County area.

Fairhaven has a number of festivals and parades throughout the year for example there's the Feast of Our Lady of Angles which is a Portuguese feast that includes Portuguese and American food, arts and crafts and much more.

Historical points of interest include the Rogers Building and Fort Phoenix. Take the 90 minute tours and learn about the European style buildings as well as the Civil War history in the town.

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Sound Tower

When: May 9, 2015 9 PM in Fairhaven, Massachusetts (Sat, 09 May 2015 21 )
Slobber Slam
On November 29th House of Bricks Pro Wrestling present Slobber Slam!!!! Portions of the proceeds go to support building a No Kill Animal Shelter called Odies Place!!! 1 Ticket - $10.00 Pair - $20.00

When: Nov 29, 2014 8 PM in Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Cost: $10.00 - $20.00 (Sat, 29 Nov 2014 20 )
2014 Fairhaven Turkey Trot for Health and Hunger

When: Nov 27, 2014 12 AM to Nov 27, 2014 12 AMin Fairhaven, Massachusetts (Thu, 27 Nov 2014 00 )
Sound Tower

When: Feb 7, 2015 9 PM in Fairhaven, Massachusetts (Sat, 07 Feb 2015 21 )
Sound Tower

When: Mar 28, 2015 9 PM in Fairhaven, Massachusetts (Sat, 28 Mar 2015 21 )

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